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Shamrock Ranch Horse Boarding in Pacifica, CA

Dog Services
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In our bathing department we use all natural shampoos and conditioners with products such as Spectrum, Kelco, and Top Performance.

Spectrum formulates there products directly from flowers and plants. They provide professional grooming products that are safe and gentle on the pet’s skin and coat preserving their natural oil balance, while also giving the best results. As a company they also design their products to be easy on the environment, helping preserve and protect our world. We like to use the Cactus Magic, which is a natural insect repellant.

Kelco Plum White™ uses plum skins to naturally whiten and brighten. Plum White™ is mild, ph balanced, natural, bio-degradable and has a nice clean scent.

We also like to use Top Performance Oatmeal Shampoo for dogs and Cats. It is all natural and very gentle on the pet’s skin.

Has your dog met any skunks in the neighborhood? Bring them in and we will make your dog smell like they never met!