Shamrock Ranch
Horse Boarding

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Shamrock Ranch Horse Boarding in Pacifica, CA

Dog Services
About Us

As a member of Pet Care Services Association, we strive to provide a safe and cozy environment for our canine guests.

We include the option of using our food (or your own) as well as adminstering any oral or topical medications.Then you can add extra activities to customise your pups stay because each dog is an individual with individual needs.

Our extra activities are:

Playtime: at least 20 minutes of a romp around in our enclosed field of leash playing ball, tug or getting pets and brushing.

Extended playtime: at least 40 minutes of a leashed walk and off leash play in a larger grassy field. Suitable for the dogs that can't get enough of the active fun time.

Leashed walks: 10 or 20 minute leashed walk around the ranch sniffing the coastal breezes, trees and horses.

Stuffed kong: a fully stuffed rubber kong toy in the evenings to pass the time after dinner.


We recognize that being away from home can be stressful to some of our canine friends. That is why we believe we need to provide high quality, nutrient dense food for our guests. We serve a lamb and rice mix dry and Pedigree wet food, or if you prefer we can serve your own food if you will just bring it in for us!

Our biscuits are hypoallergenic, include omega-3 fats and the dogs find them to be delicious!

Each night the doors to the outside portion of their run is closed, so they stay warm and quite in their beds.

Our expert staff makes sure every dog is happy and healthy while the stay with us!